Seattle Surf Rider Competition Thanks Site Service Pros

Seattle Surf Rider Foundation would like to thank Site Service pros for their continued support in helping the Seattle Surf Riding Competition the best event if all of Seattle. With out Site Service Pros help, the fourth annual competition wouldn't have happened. Site Service Pros showed up on Thursday before the event and skillfully set up a perimeter of temporary fencing to keep non-paying guests out. Then they set up over sixty portable toilets, and three restroom trailers to be used during the competition to make sure the event was sanitary and enjoyable. When the advertising companies and camera crews showed up, Site Service Pros was there to assist them with their large donation of aerial lifts including scissor lifts and boom lifts. In order to move the bleachers in place on the soft sand, Site Service Pros was able to bring in a rough terrain forklift and easily move the bleachers. It was such an enjoyment having them there, there is no way the competition would have come together the way it did with out their help. The amount of money and time that was saved by Site Service Pros was immense. The Seattle Surf Rider Foundation would like to deeply thank them for all of their hard work, and look forward to working again in the future.